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What is concrete spalling?

Spalling is the flaking and breaking away of a concrete surface exposing the aggregate underneath.  At times it can reach to the reinforcing steel below, jeopardizing the integrity of the concrete structure. CSI offers expert Restoration Services for repairing concrete delamination in buildings, parkades, bridges, wastewater and water treatment facilities. Benefits of Concrete Restoration Adds strength Adds longevity Prevents mould Reduces further repair expense Reduces the cost of maintenance

Process for On-Site Appraisal of Concrete Strength

Here, we will survey the potential choices and viable answers for on-site assessment of concrete quality. Concrete quality is by a far the most significant property of concrete. It speaks to the mechanical properties of concrete. Quality is considered a key factor for durability performance. On location assessment of solid quality is a principle challenge in the condition evaluation of existing framework. The core is tested for compressive strength Compression Test On Concrete Cores Coring …

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