If you’re looking for a contractor in Calgary and area to help you with the removal of existing floor coverings like carpet, tile, vinyl, wood, or resin coating to prepare the concrete surface for an entirely new floor, choose Concrete Solutions Inc. Our advanced, enhanced and industry-best dust-free shot blasting and grinding fleet make us the leader in Concrete surface preparation for coatings in Calgary. We ensure grinding to smooth slab preparation. We also take care of rain-damaged slabs. We are equipped with the latest technology and the most sophisticated tools and equipment to serve our customers the best possible. All our services are affordable. We can comply with any budget.

We offer the following types of concrete coating services:

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Surface preparation is a critical factor in the performance of coatings and repair materials applied to the concrete.

Proper preparation provides a dry, even, and level surface free of dirt, dust, oil, and grease.  Removal of surface contamination allows primers and repair materials to have direct contact with the substrate providing increased anchorage of the applied material.