The process of shot blasting is where steel shot gets propelled at high velocity towards asphalt, concrete or steel surface within contained units. The process is meant for preparing a surface for adhesion of resin, epoxy, self-leveling as well as other coating materials. If you’re looking for a contractor for the best Shot blasting concrete floors services in Calgary, you can choose us. We, at Concrete Solutions Inc, are best known for epoxy removal, paint removal, and rubber removal. We also perform runway texturing for the airports to give it a better traction. We take proper care to ensure minimal dust production across the process while preparing the surface for coating and resurfacing. Shot blasting concrete floors are eco-friendly as well because no chemical is being used during the procedure.

Shot blasting is a more aggressive treatment using small steel balls propelled at extreme high velocity to profile a concrete floor.  It can remove up to 2-3 mm of existing concrete.

It is an excellent solution for preparing extremely pitted or grooved concrete floors.