Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a building manager, you can depend on the integrity of concrete flooring. However, you need to choose the right joint filler and thus, polyurea would be a wise choice for you. To ensure the entire process of polyurea joint filling to be done by a reputable and dependable contractor, choose Concrete Solutions Inc. Our efficient team of expert professionals understands the quality and care to be taken in to ensure that the floors remain in optimal condition. To make the concrete flooring of your home or business facility strong and durable, it’s a must to choose the right filler and thus a Polyurea joint filling service in Calgary like ours.

Polyurea Joint Filler is a technically advanced self-leveling fast-setting caulk. It is semi-rigid, allowing small slab movement but strong enough to protect the edges (shoulders) of concrete joints from spalling under extreme loading.

The fillers have been specifically designed for industrial floor applications and are typically tack free in 5 to 15 minutes allowing for vehicle or foot traffic within 1 hour.