5 Major Reasons for Waterproofing Concrete Surface

For the proper maintenance of your commercial property, it is necessary to waterproof the concrete surfaces. Waterproofing your concrete helps in strengthening the core of your building. Waterproofing concrete floors and walls is very common in warehouses, hospitals, food processing plants and other commercial setups. This blog outlines the main reasons for which property owners spend on waterproofing in Calgary and around the country.

Below are the key reasons to waterproof concrete:

  • Mould and mildew growth prevention
    Waterproofing helps to prevent the growth of mould and mildew. Many people have a misconception that mould and mildew can only grow on wooden decks. The truth is mould and mildew do not only grow on the exterior surface but also inside your commercial property. This can cause several health issues and risks.
  • Protection of property from water damage
    Water is essential to living yet can cause a disaster to your property. Concrete Solutions Inc offers Waterproofing services in Calgary to ensure your property is safe from any kind of water damage. The interior of your building including floors, walls, insulation and foundation, is exposed to different unpredictable weather hazards such as rain and snow. Investing in waterproofing a concrete floor or wall, will protect the structure of your building which weakens from prolonged water damage.
  • Saving you money in the long run
    Waterproofing saves you money in the long run when approached as a prevention rather than a fix for a water damaged surface. Some surfaces end up costing way more to fix or repair after they are damaged because of the rapid change in finishes that are available during that time.
  • Overall look enhancement
    To give a new look to your commercial set-up, you can waterproof the concrete surface. After waterproofing, you can add various colours and unique patterns into the concrete to transform the look of the space. You can choose from a variety of finishes to apply on your existing concrete surface and give it that new look that you desire and of course leak proof.
  • Comfort
    The concept of waterproofing concrete is meant to promote comfort. As waterproofing helps in reducing/controlling the amount of moisture in your building interior, it adds to the comfort and control over the air inside the building. Waterproofed concrete is common in temperature controlled rooms for produce and other organic products.

Concrete Solutions Inc is here to waterproof your concrete surface in Calgary and surrounding areas.  Protect your building and add catchy tints or patterns to give a new look to your property.