For the finest grade concrete finishing and resurfacing with the help of latest technology and modern equipment, you can depend on Concrete Solutions Inc. Be it a warehouse, industry/industrial, retail space or office, we ensure to provide you with a beautiful and ecofriendly concrete polishing that is maintenance-free. As you know, concrete polishing is the preferred alternative to traditional flooring coatings. In terms of designs, polished concrete guarantees a number of canvases on which any stain and/or dye can be used to create the perfect foundation for any room. As it comes to maintenance and durability, the process of concrete polishing brings out the robustness of the stone while giving a clean and smooth surface. Our Polished concrete services in Calgary are absolutely affordable.

Polished concrete combines the durability of concrete with the aesthetic appeal of natural stone. It is easy to maintain, hard wearing and environmentally friendly.

The process involves diamond grinding with successively finer grits, then transitioning to resin bonded diamonds followed by the application of a surface densifier and guard product.

Polished Concrete is an excellent sustainable flooring option for Retail, Office, Industrial and Commercial facilities.

CSI can create a custom finish for you by adding color, logos or stenciling and a shine from matte to high gloss. The possibilities are endless.