If you’re looking for a contractor specialized in Epoxy Floor Coating in Calgary area, you have made the right choice to use Concrete Solutions Inc. Epoxy floor coating is a perfect solution for a floor that you need to be easily cleaned. Moreover, such floors have anti-slip traction as well. It’s quite affordable to get the floor epoxy coated. The coating is best suited for commercial as well as industrial uses. It’s a great choice for the garage floors and so it’s often used in garages, warehouses, basements, electrical rooms, storage rooms and so on. It would also be a good choice for the interior space where cleanliness and durability are the priorities. Choose us for Epoxy floor coatings in Calgary and enjoy a great looking, durable, affordable and easy to maintain floor.


CSI can offer you a seamless design, maximum performance floor finish with high strength properties, long range duration, outstanding chemical and impact resistance, extreme ease of cleaning and unparalleled substrate protection. 

Countless options are available from broadcast vinyl flake, glimmer flake and coloured quartz to metallic particle finishes using industrial grade polymers for commercial and industrial applications.